Loving You is a Drug

Loving you is a drug

I know I should quit you

But the further I stay clear

The more I want you near.

Loving you is like a black potion

Effervescent, implicit

So much I don’t wish to commit to stay

Yet here I am again.

Loving you is a hurt I yearn for everyday

In bed I lie in bed awaiting your return

Your sultry voice whispering my name

That also comes with your touch.


A Rose in my Garden

I saw a rose growing in my garden

Surrounded by bushy thorns and elephant grasses

Even in a sea of green and strife

Lies beauty within.

A Simple Lust

A simple lust
Is all I yearn for:
Just for me to be
In the sweet here and now
With you in mind as well in heart
A desperate anguish in
Love’s deepest well,
I seek to die for
Slowly and steady as a stabbing knife
Extinguish this love I have carried for you all these centuries
Let it scatter with the wind
And be gone from this world into the beyond.

A nightingale she was
Singing aloud to my soul:
“How far would you go,”
She asked me, “Till you accomplish
That treasure that you seek?”
Mesmerised and spellbound
Was I, as I soared
Through winter’s age
Searching for a love
That knows no pain.


One day, and it is coming,

Just like the northern strong winds

I will become old and grey

Skin shrivelled and brain senile

Sitting often with a mug of tea in hand

And reminisce more about the past:

Did I love you enough?

Did I play with the kids often?

Did we smile and laugh a lot?

Just as we were there to bury our Dead

When we too become dead

Who will pick up the burden to bear?

So many questions

My mind grows weary with fear

This cup of tea is getting warm

Like me seated here by the fireplace alone

While outside it has started to snow.

Drink Coffee 

You were there when I needed a friend

You’ve been there

Through sunshine, heartbreaks and stress

I’ve got you on my mind

Like migraine with no end

Just when I feel the rain 

Getting ready to ruin my day

I drink coffee

And I feel better again!