About Me

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This is my blog to showcase my walks, runnings, and the heavy moments I’m going through toward becoming a published writer.

If you’re here, and you too are finding it hard climbing your mountain, yet praying in your heart that you’re going to get there someday . . . you’re welcome!

First, a little about myself: I’m a Nigerian. early-thirties, though sometimes I feel a lot older. Like a dinosaur. You get to be that way when you feel you’ve being out in the desert a long time and the world has pretty much moved on without you. I’m still single, and in my country that means a lot to me. If I were married, I doubt my wife would envision me still dreaming of being a writer. Most folks down here wouldn’t know what that means. For plenty, being a writer means you write pamphlets for a church program. At least that was what a woman I once thought to ask out mentioned to me. And I did try explaining myself that I’m sort of like John Grisham . . . still she didn’t get the idea.

I’ve being writing for almost ten years now. It’s a tough job. Plenty of times I hate it and other times . . . I can’t help but take it to bed with me, like I would a woman. I write fiction. I try to look beyond what most Nigerian writers have laid on paper already. Much being too literary and what I would deem as too dull to want to read them again. I wish to find some measure of entertainment in mine. Of course I have my detractors: a lot of my friends have labelled me as ‘anti-Nigerian’, and claimed that I’m more Americanized with my level of seeing things in my country. I wish that wasn’t the case, however . . . there’s a reason why God didn’t make us all see the same picture everyday even when we’re staring at it, isn’t there?

I’m beginning to bore you, I know. Once again, I bid you welcome to my blog. I’ll be talking about my recent travel to the U.S., and of how tiresome it was for me trying to find an editor and a literary agent to look at my work . . . and how I failed at both. I’ve got tons of rejection letters in my mail box to prove it, and i even just got another this morning. A lot of the photos I’ll be posting here are mine, and I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them as much as my writings won’t bore you to leave.

Yours truly,

Phil Oyok





5 comments on “About Me

  1. ohu says:

    Sir your writings never ever bored me. We all learn from our experiences and what you told above, very well by the way, though it has a touch of sour like in the genuine cocoa, is nothing but a step on your path. Even Marcel Proust and so many other landmark writers have got tons of rejection letters.
    Your new book shows you’re walking toward a new step.

  2. bejamin4 says:

    Keep pursing your dreams. They are hard steps to climb, but they soften in time. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad to have found yours.

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