Let’s Do It in the Shower

I want to do it in the shower

Let’s do if while standing

Let me lift you higher

Feel the water splash all over

Grip me tighter

Hook your knees, jerk your hips




Call out my name

I’ll do the same

While we grind slowly

Rock gently

And then when we’re done

I’m going to do it again.



One day, and it is coming,

Just like the northern strong winds

I will become old and grey

Skin shrivelled and brain senile

Sitting often with a mug of tea in hand

And reminisce more about the past:

Did I love you enough?

Did I play with the kids often?

Did we smile and laugh a lot?

Just as we were there to bury our Dead

When we too become dead

Who will pick up the burden to bear?

So many questions

My mind grows weary with fear

This cup of tea is getting warm

Like me seated here by the fireplace alone

While outside it has started to snow.

A Song to Myself


Today I wrote a song to myself  

Nobody else was invited 

These walls shield my music

These lyrics I can only keep for so long . . .


Today I did away with you from my mind 

I can only drink your wine too much 

Before my pain, my hurt, these feelings 

Become revelers at my wake . . .


Today the sun did not come out to play 

It was the first day all over again 

I walk the wilderness alone 

All I have for company is my shadow . . .


This is a song to myself  

Dark and bleak, so it seems 

I hear Rama crying for her lost son 

How was it to know it was me all along. 


Good Times Happen Over Coffee

Good times happen over coffee

Every where is peace

Don’t worry about paying any bills;

Cash the check on Sunday

Get drunk on Monday –

Hey, no work for another week – it’s a holiday!

Fall out of love

Fall back in love

When she calls again in the day

Forget to remember her name;

Last poems of the year usually are lame

Watch the ball drop, but don’t have no tea

Remember my words as it’s still free:

Good things in life happen when you’re drinking coffee.

A Road cuts through the Mountains

tumblr_occia5xcPB1rsezm9o1_500 (1)

A road cuts through the mountains

Like knife through butter

Not too long ago the road was never there

The mountains used to cuddle in harmony and love

The river watered their sons

The sun blessed their union.

But then discord happened

And the road came to be

Distant lovers the mountains are forever to remain

Till, who knows, the river returns to consume the road.


Landscapes and Mountains


Landscapes and mountains I have traveled

Far from you

Ocean-views I have marveled

At the space that exists between oceans and the sun’s stew

Pot you cooked, fed me through winter’s summer

And autumn’s spring just to shine a-new

To think that I can forget about you

This love I once had, lost and found, lost and seduce

To think that I won’t again return to you.