Good Times Happen Over Coffee

Good times happen over coffee

Every where is peace

Don’t worry about paying any bills;

Cash the check on Sunday

Get drunk on Monday –

Hey, no work for another week – it’s a holiday!

Fall out of love

Fall back in love

When she calls again in the day

Forget to remember her name;

Last poems of the year usually are lame

Watch the ball drop, but don’t have no tea

Remember my words as it’s still free:

Good things in life happen when you’re drinking coffee.


Poem to my Unborn Son

I’m not going to wish you long life, 

Because you’re never going to get it.  

I’m not going to say ‘God bless you’ 

Because you already are blessed:

You’re alive and in good health;

Cast worries and sadness off you mind

Don’t doubt, don’t fear,

Laugh more, live more

And find out who you are.