Good Times Happen Over Coffee

Good times happen over coffee

Every where is peace

Don’t worry about paying any bills;

Cash the check on Sunday

Get drunk on Monday –

Hey, no work for another week – it’s a holiday!

Fall out of love

Fall back in love

When she calls again in the day

Forget to remember her name;

Last poems of the year usually are lame

Watch the ball drop, but don’t have no tea

Remember my words as it’s still free:

Good things in life happen when you’re drinking coffee.


Happiness (Day After Day)

Aviary Photo_130446981581662813
Waking up is such a drag
Another day, more problems
Happiness is on the way.
It’s a drag for me
Finding my slippers under the bed,
I so want to crawl under the covers again.
The water feels good
pouring over my head, rolling down my back
I slip on the soap and down I fall.
Morning traffic, horrendous
Horns blaring;
See the traffic cop snoozing on the job!
A pleasant good morning to my co-workers
How I loathe them all,
Especially my boss.
Lunch break – who fucking cares
Gimme a Bourbon, better yet, Scotch on the rocks
One bad pill for my troubles.
Evening; left the office
Slow-moving traffic – home is beyond the hill
Phone ringing. It’s the wife – ‘Where the hell are you?!!!?’
Home sweet home
Wife’s in the den, not talking
Dinner’s in the oven – cold leftovers
Nighttime. Wife snoring beside me
I clutch the covers, dreading the morning
Is this Happiness or what?