The Sea

All land ends at the sea:

All matter, including non-living

The sea was our birth

In death, after all joy, sorrow and pain is spent

The sea then beckons us to return

Recycled like a hurricane’s eye

Who knows what next we will become

Would we even care at all?


Poem to my Unborn Son

I’m not going to wish you long life,

Because you’re never going to get it.

I’m not going to say ‘God bless you’

Because you already are blessed:

You’re alive and in good health;

Cast worries and sadness off you mind

Don’t doubt, don’t fear,

Laugh more, live more

And find out who you are.

Eye See


Eye see

Great things, horrid things – magical – 

You haven’t seen, can’t ever believe.


Eye see things

Tiny, some here and many not there

I forget sometimes and wonder where they went.


Eye see

Dreams, nightmares and curses

What sits above the clouds 

Plenty of what lies underneath


Eye see

Oh yes, I feel

Your need, heartbeat, your smile

Your hand in mine

Your eyes

I see.