A Rose in my Garden

I saw a rose growing in my garden

Surrounded by bushy thorns and elephant grasses

Even in a sea of green and strife

Lies beauty within.


A Simple Lust

A simple lust
Is all I yearn for:
Just for me to be
In the sweet here and now
With you in mind as well in heart
A desperate anguish in
Love’s deepest well,
I seek to die for
Slowly and steady as a stabbing knife
Extinguish this love I have carried for you all these centuries
Let it scatter with the wind
And be gone from this world into the beyond.

A nightingale she was
Singing aloud to my soul:
“How far would you go,”
She asked me, “Till you accomplish
That treasure that you seek?”
Mesmerised and spellbound
Was I, as I soared
Through winter’s age
Searching for a love
That knows no pain.