That Lonely Place


There is a place
Where only the best memories go
Forlorn,  despite its love
Hearts and minds can only but dream
To linger like a lonesome stalk
A peace which resides in us all
If only we could just be still
Shut our minds and ears from
The day’s hurt and pain
Maybe we can find it again
It is never too late.


Love Again


I have cried

So have you,

I have been happy

As you was happy with me too

I have walked the sand of Permaquid Bay

You laughed while the sea soaked up my jeans

We took photos in a lighthouse

The sea stayed blue for miles that I could see

Your smile gave me joy

I ate lobster while wearing an apron

Your tragedy too became mine as well

Though we’re now afar

Miles away still I pray

You find the strength to love again.