Beware of Black Bulls


Beware of Black bulls
They hurt when they hit
Like a runaway freight train
You forget where you were
What you were doing,
Whom you were with,
And why did you dare cross the road too fast?
Maybe the bull wanted you
In that case, be grateful for the pain.




How much do you want me
Love me, desire me
Watch me desecrate
All that which you love
Uphold and crave,
Remold your passion
Make you mine:
In sight and mind
Bequeath body and soul
Put asunder your control
Watch me cannibal your heart
Your flesh, your pundenta
Make you SHANGO’s Cabal
All that you were made to be
All that you breathe and sip
Own and cherish
Becomes thine to give;
Submit to me,
Your lordship’s will.

Watching Bruce Lee



Its the month of June. Juneteenth, as goes the title of Ralph Ellison’s unfinished novel. New months come with new problems. A fresh start for hope, love, to do more, or maybe to do less. I can’t answer that for you. Most times with every month, we seldom realise it was actually here until its gone. All we have is ticking off the days on a calendar and that’s it.

Its the sixth month. The middle of the year. I add a year to my age in this month. I feel like a dinosaur sometimes when I wake up. So sore all over from last night’s drink. There’s a strange woman on my bed. How she got there, I don’t know. Blame it on the alcohol.

I’m watching old kung-fu flicks. ‘Enter the Dragon’, with Bruce Lee kicking ass and not even bother with taking numbers. I stumbled upon my favorite Bruce Lee quotes and reading through them again is helping me get through the day.

June is looking up to becoming a better month. Not that May was bad. I’m glad I broke up with her. Now, if I can just get this drunk broad off my apartment without the landlord noticing.