Watching Bruce Lee



Its the month of June. Juneteenth, as goes the title of Ralph Ellison’s unfinished novel. New months come with new problems. A fresh start for hope, love, to do more, or maybe to do less. I can’t answer that for you. Most times with every month, we seldom realise it was actually here until its gone. All we have is ticking off the days on a calendar and that’s it.

Its the sixth month. The middle of the year. I add a year to my age in this month. I feel like a dinosaur sometimes when I wake up. So sore all over from last night’s drink. There’s a strange woman on my bed. How she got there, I don’t know. Blame it on the alcohol.

I’m watching old kung-fu flicks. ‘Enter the Dragon’, with Bruce Lee kicking ass and not even bother with taking numbers. I stumbled upon my favorite Bruce Lee quotes and reading through them again is helping me get through the day.

June is looking up to becoming a better month. Not that May was bad. I’m glad I broke up with her. Now, if I can just get this drunk broad off my apartment without the landlord noticing.


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