Fine wine on the table
A half hour from midnight,
Smoking cigarettes & drinking coffee
Is that a branch I hear knocking at my door?
Nah. Silly me to think it’s April Fool’s Day already.




It’s a hard road to travel:
Alone like John walking the desert
All burden and guilt I left behind
Weeping wives, carousing friends
Even my enemies wished me well;
Still, it’s a hard road to travel
Some many times I want to turn back but can’t,
The winds have wiped traces of my footprints
No longer do I recall Where I came from,
Here I am without shadow, name or glory,
Only a desire to see the end of this journey or die trying.
So I dust myself up the earth
And onward I keep walking.

Swag Like . . .


Wish I had swag
Like Mike in his prime:
Wish I could float and sting
Be Ali, the killer bee;
Wish I could dunk
Shoot a three-pointer
Strut with a pair of Nikes,
Own the key to the city
And shoot the breeze with the best
That ever was and will be . . .
Wish I could be a success story
Turn this words into poetry
This poetry into music
This music in rhyme and art.

Damn, wish I had SWAG!

A Simple Lust

Lovers Reflection

A simple lust
Is all I yearn for:
A desperate anguish in
Love’s deepest well,
I seek to die for…

A nightingale she was
Singing deep into my soul:
“How far will you go,”
She asked me, “Till you accomplish
That treasure that you seek?”
Mmesmerized and spellbound was I
Soaring through winter’s age
Searching for a love
That knows no pain.



Where do you go,
What do you do
What do you think,
Please tell me, I want to know,
When you’re sitting on top of the world?

Have you ever seen
The world through a child’s eye?
What was it like?
Oh please, spill the beans
I know you want to say something
But cat’s got your tongue
Sitting your ass on top of the world.

Love & Haight


Love me as you see me today
Hate me in the morning,
For what would I care:
You bleed
You weep
You scream
The same as me,
So for what would I possibly care.

Our dead will come for our dead
This body we inhabit
Suddenly become empty shells,
Let for the ants and scavengers to pick and devour,
Our spirits now roam this earth
We once walked upon and owned
Would we then laugh
Smile and cry
At this love and hate we once had
For ourselves and another?