Distance to You

2010-12-24 19.05.38

Distant places always beyond reach
But if I can only but dream,
I can see you here beside me.


A Song for Helen


I had a dream of you last night:

We were outside, playing in the dark;

The moon was out but gave the faintest of light.

As the hour went to midnight, we held hands

And walked along the lagoon, glad we were the only ones outside

I remember I whispered something into your ear

You chuckled, the replied ‘Yes, dear’.

You drew me toward the water’s edge

The moon’s reflection danced in your eyes

We’ve stood in the shadows, you and I,

Feigning glances that speak little or not

These words, I have so much to say to you

Words I can only say at that special time of night

Yet the morning is almost here

So instead I let you wisper back into my ear

And then I said ‘Yes, dear’

Just let me finish this song tonight

And let me sleep ever-more in your arms.




When the morning comes
           You long for me,
As the moon takes the place of the sun
           I long to touch you,
You’re so far and away
           Yet so near, I beg you to stay
Every time I hear your footsteps walk away
           The longing becomes so hard, this desire of mine
When I find the courage to give chase
           You’re gone, so long.

I know you want me too
You ache inside like I do
I’ll leave the door unlocked next time
I only beg you stay and be mine.