Naughty Tonight (New Year’s Night)

Its the season to be naughty

The Christmas tree is all lit

I’m in my sexy lingerie – the one you bought me for my birthday, silly:

Thigh stockings and a Santa’s hat

I’ve got a red wine on ice

Candle lights are all around

All, I want is you tonight –

Your touch, your kiss

I want to inhale your essence

I want your hands grasping my booty rough

Sit back and let me lap dance on your groin

Twist my hair in your grip

Make me feel nasty and dirty

I want to be your bitch

As you always are my king

Let’s ’69 on the floor

Hear me gasp, beg you for more

I want you all hard in my mouth

As I screech and whimper till I dismount

From your face

Take me away from this place

The New Year’s almost here

I want you inside me, my dear

Let me climax at the hour of midnight

And sleep on your chest till the full moon passes by.


Loving You is a Drug

Loving you is a drug

I know I should quit you

But the further I stay clear

The more I want you near.

Loving you is like a black potion

Effervescent, implicit

So much I don’t wish to commit to stay

Yet here I am again.

Loving you is a hurt I yearn for everyday

In bed I lie in bed awaiting your return

Your sultry voice whispering my name

That also comes with your touch.


Here is where I want to be

Here and now:

This place, this quietude, this view

The wind on my face

The sands under my feet

You and I holding hands

Stopping now and then to glance back at our footprints

This love, this joy, this beautiful earth that time forgot.

Heartbreaks & Dreams


The sun outside the window

The wind ruffling the hairs on your arm;

A dead leaf flutters forth and beyond

Unconcerned of horn-blaring traffic

Or feet tap-dancing back and forth the macadam.

Heartbreaks and dreams

All there in an instant,

Gone way too soon.

But here in this room

Our breath on each other’s face,

It leaves behind a crease of a smile on your lips

A glimpse of your love to stay always.


A Song for Helen


I had a dream of you last night:

We were outside, playing in the dark;

The moon was out but gave the faintest of light.

As the hour went to midnight, we held hands

And walked along the lagoon, glad we were the only ones outside

I remember I whispered something into your ear

You chuckled, the replied ‘Yes, dear’.

You drew me toward the water’s edge

The moon’s reflection danced in your eyes

We’ve stood in the shadows, you and I,

Feigning glances that speak little or not

These words, I have so much to say to you

Words I can only say at that special time of night

Yet the morning is almost here

So instead I let you wisper back into my ear

And then I said ‘Yes, dear’

Just let me finish this song tonight

And let me sleep ever-more in your arms.