Let’s Do It in the Shower

I want to do it in the shower

Let’s do if while standing

Let me lift you higher

Feel the water splash all over

Grip me tighter

Hook your knees, jerk your hips




Call out my name

I’ll do the same

While we grind slowly

Rock gently

And then when we’re done

I’m going to do it again.




I want to go someplace
That’s far out to sea
Someplace for you and me
We could be young and free
All the food & drink we’ll bring
Won’t need to worry about the kids
Or the warts on my mother’s nose,
Just us,  the sun above and sea below.

Let’s get away from all this here:
To someplace Time knows no fate
Age won’t find us there
Neither midnight nor day would care,
Just our love
This love to beats in your heart and mine
This ring once we be-wed
This place where we’ll stake as ours

Mom Cried the Day Otis Died

Aviary Photo_130259543168480120 Mom cried the day Otis died

So true, even I thought her words a lie:

Ole Man Trouble was my Dad

Seldom a night when arguments didn’t turn into a fight

One night she packed a bag and left into the night—

She just wasn’t getting no Satisfaction, she told me this with a smile

Tramp, I remember Dad hollered.

Down in the Valley she laid her head;

Dad nursed himself with Cigarettes and Coffee instead.

I wanted Respect, she said to me. Instead all I got was Pain in My Heart

She called Dad Mr. Pitiful

Dad’s eyes watered too soon

I’ll Try a Little Tenderness, he murmured after she’ gone

Sitting on The Dock of the Bay all day long

Shake when it started to rain – missing Mom a lot

Yeah, I returned home to you and him, she said to me, sniffling

It was the day Otis crashed and died,

I guess You Don’t Miss Your Water till Your Well Runs Dry.

 My Mom told me this story when in my teens. Who would have known I’d be making a song of it here.