Where I want to Be

There is a place where I want to be
Here and now:

Paradise by the beach

With my feet sweeping the sand

The wind slapping against my corduroy 

Sweeping through your hair . . .

There is a place where I want to be

To sit out and count the stars at night

Point out to you Orion and Andromeda . . .

Turn off the cell phones for a moment 

Let’s unplug ourselves for a while 

And just bask in the silence

Yes, there is life in silence

Nothing but the sound of the ocean sweeping over the beach

This is where I want to be.

Just you and me.




When the morning comes
           You long for me,
As the moon takes the place of the sun
           I long to touch you,
You’re so far and away
           Yet so near, I beg you to stay
Every time I hear your footsteps walk away
           The longing becomes so hard, this desire of mine
When I find the courage to give chase
           You’re gone, so long.

I know you want me too
You ache inside like I do
I’ll leave the door unlocked next time
I only beg you stay and be mine.