Different Faces

I see 

Different faces in a mirror

Telling me how to feel, to say, to kiss

To live, to simply be . . . 

Yet neither one is really me.




Too many people claim belief in God,
But if God told them: ‘Come.’
Too quickly they would run.

Too many people believe in Love
Too soon they forget Love hurts;
See they shut their doors,
Barr their windows from letting
Their hearts play again.

Too many people always on the look out for aliens;
They listen to the radio always
For signs of the great zombie apocalypse,
Digging underground tunnels that go nowhere, awaiting the day the polar caps melt.

If a god created the cosmos and the son,
How come he left them nameless?
If actually did send down his son
What mother did he impregnate?
Who am I to sit here asking dumb questions,
When clearly the world can see
That I am without Faith.