The Sea

All land ends at the sea:

All matter, including non-living

The sea was our birth

In death, after all joy, sorrow and pain is spent

The sea then beckons us to return

Recycled like a hurricane’s eye

Who knows what next we will become

Would we even care at all?


Man, Woman + Child

together-by-wak-boarderOne thing that’s constant in an African home is family. You’re nothing if you don’t have one, and it’s hard for any man to journey though life without the thought of having a family, whether past or present. What’s most important though in a Nigerian family home is tracing a family’s root to the myth of time.

Adam loved the earth:

The trees on her breasts

The rivers that succored her valleys

Out of her womb sprung a seed:

His Apple tree.

“My darling, my love,” she muttered in his ear:

Plant, feed, nourish

Love, comfort and cherish

These eyes that bare resemblance to thine

Heart and limb

And call him: Oranmiyan.