Here is where I want to be

Here and now:

This place, this quietude, this view

The wind on my face

The sands under my feet

You and I holding hands

Stopping now and then to glance back at our footprints

This love, this joy, this beautiful earth that time forgot.

Walking on the Beach


Walking the beach alone by myself

Listening to the cursing wind

The sea beyond crashing like tea leaves

Wondering what all of it means

Is there a riddle to where the sea and sky meet?

I don’t know but would someone tell me, please.


Strolling, skipping over these wet sands

Huddled, the wind attempts ripping me off my jacket

Alone.  There’s no one to see for miles, no rocks no sand castle

Lay in sight.  Nothing but distant memories

Of what could be, once was, or never will

There’s just me throwing stones out to sea.


I hear you speak: your voice so faint in the wind

You pleaded with me to stay

Stay, don’t walk away

Here on this white landscape there is no hiding place

No past, no future, or forever more

Just you talking in my ear, walking alone on this strip of beach.


A Road cuts through the Mountains

tumblr_occia5xcPB1rsezm9o1_500 (1)

A road cuts through the mountains

Like knife through butter

Not too long ago the road was never there

The mountains used to cuddle in harmony and love

The river watered their sons

The sun blessed their union.

But then discord happened

And the road came to be

Distant lovers the mountains are forever to remain

Till, who knows, the river returns to consume the road.


Landscapes and Mountains


Landscapes and mountains I have traveled

Far from you

Ocean-views I have marveled

At the space that exists between oceans and the sun’s stew

Pot you cooked, fed me through winter’s summer

And autumn’s spring just to shine a-new

To think that I can forget about you

This love I once had, lost and found, lost and seduce

To think that I won’t again return to you.


Lonely Town


Dry wind blows through my window
I hear coyotes wailing in the horizon
Sounds like Rahma crying for the One
Gone lost in the wilderness;
I taste sweat off my tongue
Oh no, it’s blood!
Yours or mine,  who cares
Who really knows,  babe
One more drink for the road
The traffic has gotten worst
In this crazy lonely town
All I want to do is come home to you
Yes, that’s all I’m gonna do is
Return to you soon.

Heartbreaks & Dreams


The sun outside the window

The wind ruffling the hairs on your arm;

A dead leaf flutters forth and beyond

Unconcerned of horn-blaring traffic

Or feet tap-dancing back and forth the macadam.

Heartbreaks and dreams

All there in an instant,

Gone way too soon.

But here in this room

Our breath on each other’s face,

It leaves behind a crease of a smile on your lips

A glimpse of your love to stay always.