Old Poems


This page I’m going to use specifically to showcase a lot of my old poems. Stuff I haven’t looked at in a long, long while. I gave up writing poems years back. Reason being that people were always up on my face trying to figure out what stuff I was saying.  Not like my writing was anything but abstract or metaphysical. Some folks simply don’t know how to utilize their brain power when it comes to figuring out the idea being expressed behind words. It’s such a shame when you think about it, that too many people out in the world find it easy knowing how to operate an iPhone, yet find it hard reading.

Is the world getting further and further on its butt . . . or could it just be me?

But anyway, I’m not here to let off steam, at least not on an angry note. Just here to present old poems I found in my bottom drawers. Some are going to be funny . . . others I just can’t tell.



One comment on “Old Poems

  1. Love them all my Google sometimes don’t work the way it should time to up grade

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