New Year Next Year

2013-01-01 00.00.18

It’s New Year once again

One year plus, just like my age:

New hopes & dreams

Come with new problems, it seems

Old friends you never hear from again

New friends come, yet they both seem the same always.

Once I stood near Times Square, watching the ball drop

The crowd awed, brilliant fireworks dazzled so long

You hear the cheers in the crowd, so lovely to hear and see

You exchange kisses, happy smiles and good wishes

You wonder how many will come around to see the next ball drop

And if they do not, will the at least leave a postcard saying why not.

But that is for later, for now, it’s a new day into a new year

All the pain, hurt, love and tears you intend to bear

Awaits you from the moment onward, so take care

Where you might stumble and fall more times than one

Pick yourself up and keep walking forward

Till the next year comes.


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