Toward the End of December . . . #SoFar


It’s been a good year.  So far so good, and more.  It’s been a busy, busy year for me.  Can’t believe if I’ve ever been this busy before.

Let’s see if I can put up a tally:  I’ve had three novels (The Story of THADDEUS BLACK Pt. One; Mary’s Addiction; and Lemmon’s Journey); published this year, written one movie script, one erotic magazine, not to mention the numerous articles I’ve posted on my erotic BLOG.  And then there’s my poetry and numerous short stories I’ve posted here . . .

With that tally in mind, I can seriously say that the year has indeed been a fruitful one for me.  Next year, I know, will bring its own fruit, too.

I still have miles to travel.  Toward the end of December, I’m still walking!

Gimme strength!



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