Poem from a Friend


Kismet allowed me to gaze upon your soulful dark brown eyes and my melancholy life which l endured as I searched for my ebony Adonis became inconsequential. You intuitively sensed my wistfulness and knew that I prematurely revealed that I was prepared to yield to you. True to your predatory nature I immediately sensed you encircled me within your erotic domain and very shortly we became the most lustful of lovers. I allowed you to take me like a hungry relentless lion.

My onyx lover you robbed my intelligent reservations and I experienced the sweet fiery intensity of your divine endowment.

You painted and exhibited your divine exotica only to thrust it into my soul multiple times and within seconds you elicited an unearthly hedonism within me so powerful that the earth quaked uncontrollably.

Our sexually forbidden phrases which we gasped to each other caused you to bathe my most intimate voluptuousness creating a sticky sweet paste that I smeared onto my pomegranate colored lips and I blissfully sampled and swallowed the exclusive fluid of your masculinity.

Consequently you will forever be my secret ambrosia.


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