In the City


Tell me where you’re hiding

Where do I find you in the city?

Point out the building

Under which rock or bridge

Or do you requite the will?


How do I recognize you when I find you?

It’s been months since last we spoke

Your voice speaks to me in my iPod

My heart beats with a drum whenever I pick your call

But you fail to send me a picture

All I have is millions of pixels I know not how to rearrange into form.


Will you come to me if I ask you to?

You know what I look like; you’ve seen me many times

With you I am never invincible

Your love finds me even when I’m lost at sea

Or walking through the woods at dusk . . .


Say you will find me

Please, come to me instead

The city scares me, and I fear your love will be gone

Before the sun comes up.



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