Living, New York City

2013-01-08 22.05.14Why can’t there be summer in January?

Why don’t flowers bloom in Autumn?

A bird flew through my window, said you’re looking for me;

Lovers stroll in the park

The moon hangs in your eyes.

There goes Woody Allen winning the top prize

In the Woody Allen look-alike contest,

I heard a cab driver mutter that he’s God’s lonely man

Angels weep beyond the clouds:

Look, honey, see their tears fall:

It’s raining over on 51st Avenue.

September comes, and they’re waving flags

Abe, George, and Bob Marley sit on Rushmore

Arguing about the Yankees

They said a law was passed,

But how come you and I still aren’t free?

Rest now, my child

Don’t be afraid of the night,

This isn’t Watts, ’69.

No, this isn’t Watts, ’69.



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