A Walk with my Father

IMG_0136Once I took a walk

With my father holding my hand in tow

Up the evergreen hill we went

Beyond where the land fell low

The sun grew fiery and the winds grew strong and cold

Clouds, wispy, they roamed before her yellow eyes

“All of this,” my father said to me, “I give to you:

“The land, the plants that grow beneath your feet and above your head,

The animals to feed on them and the ones that hunt others,

All these, my son, I bequeath to you.

Treat with love and kindness, and never you squander

That which your hands will nourish.”

That was a long time ago

Soon my boy, too, will come of youth

And the same words my father passed to my age

Also will I bless him with soon,

And so goes this circle of life we have

With the sun to watch over our sight.


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