November / Something Bitter Sweet

Wallpaper_by_windsock_at_exis_dot_netIt’s the new month of November. I woke up this morning feeling pretty Bitter Sweet . . . much like the title song composed by the group The Verve. I put their album in my turntable and listened to every track, and it made me feel rather good with myself all over again. So I figured why not put down words to mirror every title track in that lovely album. So here are my thoughts for the first day of November below:

 Life is such a Bitter Sweet Symphony

A Sonnet that grows in the abandoned garden

Of my mind. The Rolling People, they came for me at night

Times they tried infecting me with their religion

Too late did they realize that The Drugs Don’t Work.

I stayed up all morning Catching the Butterfly

That populates my garden,

This Neon Wilderness that knows no Space and Time

Weeping Willow they blossom in the heart of a Lucky Man;

One Day, I know I’ll meet him again. But This Time,

Who knows when he’ll come back.

Today, right now, it feels like a Velvet Morning:

A woman beckons you to Come on, return to bed

Come back to me into this Deep Freeze.

Let us be one again

Like Adam did with Eve

Back in my garden.





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