A Poem for Mercy

Clover Leaf

In the days when often I am lost in my Great Depressive state, I wonder a lot about pain and hurt, and the yearning sadness of Man. Would ever I sought forgiveness for wrongs I’ve done in the past, how would ever I be forgiven? From these moments of pain I beg for Mercy to free me at least from my lengthy depressive state.

A Poem for Mercy

In the end, my Lord,

Our lives got sucked out

Crushed by your jackboots

On the gray roads to Hades

And now as we stand before you

Naked before your throne

All that remains of our mocked souls

Carried away over these slouching hills

On the breasts of fallen angels.

Lord, give us no water to drink

Nor food to quench our hunger

As our body glimmers

With sores from the Flagellant’s whip.

Instead of death,

Carry me to Calvary

Nailed to a cross

And let my skin rot

To the dust from whence it crawled from.


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