Mom Cried the Day Otis Died

Aviary Photo_130259543168480120 Mom cried the day Otis died

So true, even I thought her words a lie:

Ole Man Trouble was my Dad

Seldom a night when arguments didn’t turn into a fight

One night she packed a bag and left into the night—

She just wasn’t getting no Satisfaction, she told me this with a smile

Tramp, I remember Dad hollered.

Down in the Valley she laid her head;

Dad nursed himself with Cigarettes and Coffee instead.

I wanted Respect, she said to me. Instead all I got was Pain in My Heart

She called Dad Mr. Pitiful

Dad’s eyes watered too soon

I’ll Try a Little Tenderness, he murmured after she’ gone

Sitting on The Dock of the Bay all day long

Shake when it started to rain – missing Mom a lot

Yeah, I returned home to you and him, she said to me, sniffling

It was the day Otis crashed and died,

I guess You Don’t Miss Your Water till Your Well Runs Dry.

 My Mom told me this story when in my teens. Who would have known I’d be making a song of it here.



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