There stood I
At the ledge of time and space,
Waiting to make my jump.
Will I float or will I fall
Only the wind knows,
Only my Faith knows.


14 comments on “Faith

  1. The ground will have the last word.

      • sick poem by the way

      • tomascini says:

        If you consider it sick, then perhaps you’re the dumb idiot who ought not have read or commented on it in the first place! Take your ignoramus self out of my blog and don’t come back!

      • wow, I was just trying to compliment your poem, no need to act like such an asshole.

      • ohu says:

        Mr Sean O’Gorman: to qualify a poem with the word “sick” is surely a weird manner of “complimenting”. It is a “sick” way to compliment if I may say so.
        The reaction of Tomascini/Philp is totally natural.

      • Natural? If you honestly believe that then there is something seriously wrong with you. I’m sorry that I only used one word and didn’t go into any long and winded praise of the piece. I just wanted to convey that I really enjoyed it. The word ‘sick’ is often used to describe what is both well done and easy to relate to. This argument is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the word itself and nothing more.

      • ohu says:

        I agree with the misunderstanding of the word ; I was not aware of this meaning, especially without any context to make it clear from the standard (non Urban American) meaning of the word that is the exact opposite. Besides your first short comment was not bringing any light on this specific (unusual) meaning you gave to the word. None of the African Americans I know will use it as a compliment, even less the English-speaking Africans I also know. So indeed the misunderstanding … no harm done.

      • ok good, I never wanted to offend anyone with something as simple as a word, but words have power and sometime it’s easy to misuse a word. I’m glad that we were able to clear this up. Thank you for your understanding and you are right, i should have been more clear with what I wanted to say.

      • tomascini says:

        We’re back to being friends again, Sean. No worries. All’s forgotten.

      • ok cool, thanks man, I’m glad we could fix this. We’re both poets and this means that we are both passionate people, we get heated, but we are also forgiving. Thanks again.

      • tomascini says:

        Sorry. Forgive my manners.

      • Nothing to forgive man, the word is used with many meanings and it’s my own bad habit of using it online when the people I’m connecting with are from other places. Here’s the link to define it the way I meant it to be read. I honestly was not trying to offend you.

  2. ohu says:

    Sir I relate this kind of haiku to the Nigerian African who was taking of last year from Lagos airport. His uncertainty then but in fact the ground has not won the last word ; for the moment it seems the flight is neverending and you’re still floating help by a powerful wind.

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