Finally/Run Rabbit!

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The Rabbit’s Man

Almost ten years ago, I’d concluded my National Youth Service where I’d served as a Biology teacher in a technical college in the northern section of my country, Nigeria. I returned home with too much heaviness on my mind, but nothing to do to get them off. I was like the ancient Greek god who supported the weight of the world on his shoulders as punishment for all eternity. What made it worse was that prior to my year spent in Youth Service, I’d written a lengthy novel but upon my return, my computer crashed. It was an old thing that was barely creaking alive while I used it.

Saddened by it all, I met a German writer online who instigated me to go back to work and write something again. A thriller, he said. Something that talks more about the political nightmare that’s ongoing in Nigeria. I thought he was out of his mind. I tried talking him out of it, but for every reason I gave, his persuasion kept on till I had an idea knocking on the backside of my brain and set to work.

I spent thirteen months in mental purgatory bringing to life the words and intentions that was ‘The Rabbit’s Man’. I’d never spent that much period of time on any manuscript before or after. It took even longer a period of time for me to go about editing it. For one thing, the conclusion of the book signaled the apparent death of me. I sank into a deep depression when I was done writing it, and since then, my style of writing had undergone a drastic change. Such is why the book took as much pains for me updating it to my current style of writing. I do however know had I not written the book then, never would I have accomplished it in my present state of mind.

Writing it was one thing, getting someone to read it was another. Nigeria isn’t exactly the sort of place to find anyone willing to professionally edit a manuscript. Sending the work online wasn’t enough for me either. And there weren’t any writing classes where I lived either. Matter of fact, I never attended any of such at all, because down here, such things don’t exist.

I had to wait another five years during my first trip to the States when I realized I could actually find someone to look into it for me.

So many nights and so many headaches and pains, including being rejected multiple times by lit. agents. I couldn’t stand having the manuscript continue to burn a hole in my folder. Thus I thought it best to get it out into the world, publish it and see what folks out there would think about it.

I’d like to propose too that I’ll be giving ten free copies to anyone who’d want to have one. Just let me know by replying to this post, or contacting me in private and inform me how to send you a copy.

I’ll as well include a few excerpts here from the book as well.


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