The Blues After October 1st

Sample20It’s morning already. October 2nd. Yesterday was my country’s Independence Day. It was all over the news: the cries, the jubilation. I took a hammer to my TV screen. Anything to shut the loud noise from my head. There was I in front of my computer trying hard to edit a manuscript and not finding a headway through it all.

A friend called and I went over to his place. He had two bottles of red wine and he’d ordered pizza. Other friends came by and the drinks flowed. We watched a soccer game. It got boring so we turned to watch wild life on the Nat Geo Wild channel. A pack of lions were feasting on a fallen buffalo. My friend’s wife sat beside me crying over what they were doing to the creature. Such is the nature of the beast, I said to her.

The bottles of wine got empty. We switched to beer after that. The electricity went off, and we remained in the darkness. One of my friend’s visitors lit a cigarette. It was raining outside so no one was going home early. We talked and we argued about politics. About music and foreign films. We cursed Nigerian movies, and cursed the electricity being gone. The electricity returned an hour later and we watched Colin Farrel running from the cops in the updated version of ‘Total Recall’. W felt bored by it.

The electricity went off again. We returned to arguing about music. About Michael Jackson, and how relevant he was compared to Stevie Wonder. Young folks don’t listen to good music anymore. Sitting in my friend’s living room, we all sounded like dinosaurs, wondering why we hadn’t become extinct already.

Two hours later the rain had stopped. Night had arrived. I took my leave, trying to walk steady as I left.

Got back home an hour later due to traffic on the streets. Almost everyone seemed to be having a fun time. Everyone except me. I had a light buzz in my head.

My bed was calling to me, but I didn’t want to sleep. I want to write. But even that was going to be hard. I wanted to stay awake . . . at least for another hour. My eyes could have remained open for a long time. Later towards midnight I heard explosions ringing outside my window.




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