River Runs Deep/Take Me

2012-06-21 20.29.22

These were written during my stay at a Super 8 motel in upstate New York:

Where the River Runs Deep

Where the river runs deep

Deep into the heart of the world

If man is the son

And the sun was God

Mother the earth

Her tears the drink that flows

From her eyes in the Nile

Where does all life end?

 Where does it end?

Take Me

Take me to a place where life is free:

The choices are green

The trees never shed their leaves;

Take me to a place where I can hold your face:

Dress you up in lace

The feeling we share will never be replaced;

Take me to a world that knows no hate:

Love is like heaven’s gate

I’ll take sugar for my tea any day;

Keep me in your heart, don’t let me go away:

Say that you want me to stay

I’ve got miles to go, but this place

Is where I wish to lay.

Song To A Lost Love

The year was ’86

We were young and full of sin

Our dreams was a yellow brick road

Oh, how hard life is as it goes.

Do you remember us lying in the backyard

Under the moon and her sparkling stars

We wished on Cassiopeia

That we would remain friends even when no one dared;

Those days they come to me

In the midst of trembling dreams

I try chasing them away while watching T.V. and sipping beer

But your eyes, they haunt me,

Coward that I was, I ran away.

Now September has turn to June

You were here, but now you’re gone too soon

I stopped by your grave to say goodbye

But I can’t stop these tears from falling down my eyes.

No, I can’t stop these tears from falling down my eyes.


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