index18We’ve all had that one we often refer to as a ‘lost love‘. The one whom we figured we could have had if and whenever we wanted, except we were young and way too immature to realize what we had. And even worse, we never got to realize what we had until it was finally lost to us. Makes you wish you were back to been seventeen again.


She was only seventeen

Her name was Magdalene

Eyes and poise of a beauty queen, she was something

Out of a Playboy magazine.

She took me to places I’d never been

Where angels roamed like creatures under the sea

If this wasn’t love, then tell me

What else could it have been?

She explained to me dreams my heart doubt to feel

Eyes that saw the lilies in the field

One night she gave me a kiss, held my face

Told me to never ever leave.

Now she’s no longer seventeen:

Fast cars, champagne over glass

Thinking only of parties that will be

Oh, how I wish I was still seventeen.


One comment on “Seventeen

  1. I can so relate to this – brings back memories of my first real girlfriend, we were so in love from the start and she would have done anything for me – but I had to see if the grass was greener – it never has been. I love her still.

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