Old Songs for Sale Pt. 2


Someplace where No One Knows My Name

Bullets fly:

Take your finger off from the trigger


I don’t wish you to see me anymore like this;

Clouds in the sky:

Spell your name in a sea of blue


We have today, but who knows tomorrow;

I thought we died:

If this isn’t Heaven, then we must go


Once you were mine, but long that picture’s gone;

I’ll suffer in time:

Rip memories off from my wall

In my mind,

I don’t wish for you to live there no more;

Let’s depart:

From this world we thought was ours

Go inside

This heart will live on even when the world’s gone away;

See you in my dreams:

Swim to me through a ocean’s current

Green leaves,

Fall from the sky, where there are no trees.

I’ll go away:

Fade off from these streets

To a place

Where no one around knows my name…

Someplace where no one knows my name

So I won’t get to see your face again.


John the Baptist

No matter what you do

My heart remains closed

Pick the lock if you must

There is a wall standing behind the door.


 This voice I once chose to have

Happiness, I’ve forgotten what you looked like

You’re the shadow once that stayed close to home

Home, too, I’ve run away from

Succor, wives, brothers and strangers

I seek no more.

The desert, my heart seems to remain there

Linger amidst cactus and lizards

scorching though be the sun

excoriate these sins

I hold forever more.

Offering Apple

It Should Be So Easy

It’s should be so easy
they way you love me, and the way I love you;
Life should be so simple
you be the earth, and I the sky that’s blue:

As the waters rise to meet the sun
so too does my heart yearn for you;

Though Time and distance separates us
phone calls and chats over webcams are never enough
to draw you close
so many songs I’ve scribbled on the back of a napkin
I wait till when you’re near
so I can sing them to you.

This life, this love
was meant to be so easy
we break up at dawn, then make up at dusk;
turn a frown into a smile
kiss under the mistletoe when December comes:

As the river runs towards the sea
so too do I search for you.

Contemplation #11


Blame It on the Sun

I’ll blame it on the sun:
that was the reason why you left,
I’ll blame our troubles on the moon
isn’t that why you were so gloom,
I’ll cry through the day into night
God knows I want you back
these tears know nothing but pain
wasn’t that why you couldn’t stay.

Blame it on the days that passed:
what once was here, no longer chooses to stay
the rainbow that once used to light up your face
now brings nothing but hearty rain,
let’s blame on the DJ last night
for never playing our song
Although you might disagree . . .

That’s why I choose to blame it on the sun.


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