Old Songs Pt. 1


Flying Toward JFK Int.

36,000 miles above the earth

I cease to become who I am:

I am an eagle

Soaring above the night’s sky

No moon insight, I don’t mind

This moment in time

This life of mine

Soon I become like a child

Stealing out of my mother’s womb:

Oh yes, I’m being reborn.




I changed my name

But I’m still the same,

I changed my life

These sad times, still they whisper to me

I took out my wardrobe

Cast them into the sea;

I’ve tried pushing you away

Still I see your face.

I don’t want to die

My eyes, they won’t stop crying

I dream of flight

Day after day

I am an island

Lost out to sea, unknown to anybody

Don’t come looking for me

I just want to be FREE!


White angle15

An Angel Cried

Yesterday was sad:

I saw an angel cry

Earth shook from each sob, a sigh

And the leave of trees fell and died

Last night it rained:

The gutters overflowed, urchins giggled

As they played football in the fields

Was it the world ending? I asked

No, a passerby answered. A Kubrick movie is coming up.

This morning, the air was cold:

I stepped on a nail, I thought you heard me cry out

All windows closed – they thought it was a riot

I cursed at them. This isn’t Libya, I said

Not you, you idiot! my landlord hollered from behind closed curtains

Don’t you still see the angel crying outside?



(Untitled) Tonight


my hand stretches over these landscaped

valleys, hills and deserts

of velvet silk:

My finger nimble

softly on your unblemished skin;

I hear you moan

your body responds to my touch

as you travel across oceans and empty space

to meet my kingdom.



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