This Writing Thing of Ours . . .


I started this blog to talk about writing. Or to put it more succinctly, to talk about writing as it concerns me. To tell the truth, writing is hard. It’s as hard as breathing, if you want to put it that way. But then again, just about every type of vocation known to man is hard. Writing is just as hard to an engineer as working with mechanical tools is for a writer. They don’t go together, but you appreciate how every one’s line of work is . . . especially for those like us who prefer to take this sort of work way too serious.

Times have passed when people always asked me when did I start writing. I really can’t recall when exactly. I don’t think I can even remember the date. Such moments never really occur to you, the day you decide to become something or do something with your life. Something far bigger than what you are. I was in the University, that I do remember. Life trying to become a graduate was pretty damn hard. There was hell coming from back home just as the same was happening with my academics. In the midst of my strife was when I first started composing poems and Haikus . . . stuff the express myself with. A former lecturer of mine discovered my talent and instilled in me to further pursue it.

So here I am.

Have I gotten there yet? Have I yet scaled the mountain top? Hell no! But I can say that I’m lucky. Unlike so many others out there, many of whom are yet to know whatever it is they were put on this earth for. I can say that I’m glad to have discovered one of the reasons behind my being here.

To tell stories and to ride on into the sunset with this writing thing of ours.



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