On Permaquid Beach


One of my favorite moments spent during my first trip to the U.S. was in Maine. A friend whom I was visiting took me on a picnic to Permaquid Beach, right next door to Portland, if I’m not mistaken. It was the middle of June in 2012. Lots of sunshine and plenty of heat that came with it. I was basking under the shade of a tree when these words came to me:


On Permaquid Beach

I have cried

So have you,

I have been happy

As you was happy with me too


I have walked the sand of Permaquid Beach

You laughed while the sea soaked up my jeans

We took photos in a lighthouse

The sea remained blue for miles that I could see.


I was bathed in love

I ate lobster while wearing an apron

Your tragedy is mine as well

Miles away I pray

You find the strength to smile again.


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